Someone hacked a digital advertisement board inside Union Station to stream Pornhub … and the Internet melted down about it

What would you do if you snuck your way into accessing a digital advertisement board inside Union Station in Washington DC? Well, this particular unknown assailant pulled out the maturity card and started playing porn.

At around 5:30pm, just in time for peak hour, a directory screen that is usually reserved for announcements and ads was hit with the Pornhub homepage before being directed to a particular video, one that is certainly NSFW.

The naughty early screening certainly caught the attention of those on the daily grind, capturing a host of strange looks and stifled faces.

It took a pair of employees to come and turn the screen off manually to put an end to the x-rated charade.

It left a few red-faced, but none more so than CEO of the Union Station Redevelopment Corporation, Beverly Swaim-Staley.

“They’re new directories, new technologies that they’ve been testing, and obviously they need to find out how this incident occurred,” she said.

“With all this new technology comes a lot of things we don’t expect.”

Someone who found a little more humour in the situation, and a touch of promotion, is Pornhub VP Corey Price, who was quick to quash the behaviour but found a lighter side to the incident.

“Pornhub is accessed by nearly 75 million fans across the world each day,” he said.

“It’s entirely possible the perpetrator of this incident was an avid fan who was perusing our content and unfortunately mishandled the technology behind the video screen at Union Hall.

While we don’t condone such behaviour, by any means, whatsoever, especially broadcasting unwarranted material to innocent passersby, we do hope it provided some… relief… in the midst of a hellacious commute home.”