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Leaked audio reveals Fyre Fest founder telling employees they will not be paid

The monumental disaster that has been Fyre Festival just got a little bit more disastrous after leaked phone calls revealed founder Billy McFarland telling his army of employees that they won’t be paid… at all!

The once-promising festival that was shaping up to be a massive and revolutionary event, continued to crash into iceberg after iceberg after iceberg, becoming the Titanic of music and promotional festivals, leaving McFarland with the unenviable task of paying no one for weeks of work.

He hit co-founder of Fyre Media, Ja Rule, with the news during a phone call on Friday that involved some key employees.

“After conferring with our counsel and all financial people, unfortunately, we are not able to proceed with payroll,” McFarlane said.

All is not lost for those under his employment though. McFarlane kindly notified his workers that they weren’t being fired and they should continue to work for him.

Still, with no pay.

“We’re not firing anyone, we’re just letting you know that there will be no payroll in the short term,” he said.

“If you want to stick with us, we’d love to have you and we’d love to work together and hunker down and get back to a place where everything resumes to business as usual.”

Unsurprisingly, a massive chunk has bailed on the sliding company after the revelation, passing down the chance to keep working for free. Who would have thought?

The festival was slated to be an exclusive, high-end affair hosted on a private island with the riches being thrown around to create a must-see event.

That was all well and good until the actual organisational portion of the event went out the window.

Major acts began to pull out days before, the island was somehow overbooked and people that paid thousands of dollars for tickets simply couldn’t fit on the piece of land.

The luxurious villas and accommodation expected gave way to soggy mattresses and shared tents, the catering has been lambasted on social media.

Even after it finally got underway there was no stopping the shit train. One festival-goer has filed a $100 million class-action lawsuit against the company as well for snaking everyone with a dodgy event.

And worst of all. There was no beer!

Apparently, all the beer they had initially ordered came too late to transport so it was just thrown out the window altogether.

Fyre Media are being accused left, right and centre by attendees and investors of throwing on a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme, one that could even see them be investigated by the FBI.

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