Featured Image for Gymder: a new app that lets you find the perfect gym buddy

Gymder: a new app that lets you find the perfect gym buddy

Gymder is a new social app that allows you to find and connect with other gym rats in your area. Additionally, the app offers a selection of content with tips and recommendations from professionals.

After you download the app and create a profile, Gymder presents to you a home screen with all the possible fitness partners in your area and a way to contact them. It’s designed similarly to the popular dating app for men Grindr (coincidence?) in that there is no swiping right or left functionality.

Weird thing is, you can only use the app if you give it permission to track your location at all times. EVEN if you’re not using the app.

According to their official website, “Use GYMDER to make your workout routine more inspiring and fun. You can find workout buddies around you and on real time… just when you need them; all with help of the unique GYMDER radar and profiles. GYMDER is used for indoor and outdoor activities!”

At first glance, the idea sounds cool and all, but the more I think about it, the more awkward it seems to me. Do you really want to meet up with a bunch of unknown people and grunt and sweat together? Isn’t your own stank enough?And the fact that this can track you at all times seems kind of creepy actually.

Although the software is not explicitly advertised as a dating app, according to Gizmodo, the press team at Gymder describe their product as “Instagram/Tinder for athletes.”

“We aim to give people the opportunity to find suitable workout buddies just when they need them,” the company said. “Thereby they can reach and maximize their fitness goals and can have fun while training.”

If you don’t mind the ever-present tracking thing, you can download and check out Gymder for yourself for free at the App Store and at Google Play.

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