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That ‘Aussie’ Eurovision streaker wasn’t Australian after all

In amongst the Finnish death metal, the Belarusian pop hits and a bit of Romanian techno, Australia has found it’s way onto the international stage at Eurovision, but not quite for the musical purposes intended for the annual showcase.

In probably the most Australian moment ever seen, that didn’t actually involve an Australian, a renowned Ukranian prankster jumped up on stage and dropped the dacks with the Aussie flag draped over his back, revealing to the world those cheeky cheeks.

Vitalii Sediuk has come face to face with a host of celebrities over the years, often ending with him being dragged away by security.

From Leonardo Di Caprio to Kim Kardashian and Will Smith (who bitch-slapped him for trying to plant a kiss on him, seriously), his bold antics have made him a menace at global events.

Luckily for him, he was able to head back off stage on his own accord this time.

The quick stunt came during the performance of defending champion Ukraine and their star singer Jamala.

Credit to her, she carried on like a champion, completely ignoring him as he danced across the stage in front of her and let the draws down.

The wayward ass display was a shining light of the 2017 event, just look at social media, amidst a show that was panned as generally a pretty mundane affair.

For those wondering why Australia is even in the contest despite being on the other side of the planet and in no way, shape, or form a part of the continent that is Europe.

This dude is probably the reason why.

With a pretty nondescript 9th place finish for Aussie representative Isaiah, we might need to rely on antics like this to keep Europe entertained enough to let us stay in the competition.

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