Yogi strikes back! Mountain bikers capture frightening encounter with bear

If you though mountain biking through the forests of Slovakia would be a nice weekend getaway, maybe you should ask these guys who were confronted by one of nature’s biggest alphas.

Dusan Vinžík and his mate were given one hell of a fright coming down a trail in Malinô Brdo when an adult brown bear came out of nowhere, charging the man in front who desperately tries to get out of harm’s way after Vinzik tried to warn his mate.

With the camera strapped to his head, Vinzik gets clear footage of the impending danger.

Luckily for the two downhill riders, the beast quickly diverts its course back into the wilderness, allowing the guys to stop and take a breather and no doubt slow down the heart rate.

While bears are fairly common that part of the world, rarely does man and beast come so close with the bears usually sticking to their own unless threatened.