Mayor offering anyone $3000 to live in this idyllic, tiny Italian village

It’s time to make that escape you’ve always dreamed of…and get paid!

Bormida is an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous little village nestled in the Italian mountains.

It’s been around since medieval days and is peppered with stunning, historic architecture and beautiful vistas.

Get paid to move here. (Image: Carta Biancha)

Despite this, the population of Bormida is dwindling – just 394 people live in the commune.

So the mayor, Daniele Galliano, has had what we think is an absolutely brilliant idea to get people to move there:


Galliano often posts videos of Bormida on social media and recently offered new residents €2,000 in cash (about $3000 AUD).

On top of that, rent would be just €50/month for a cheap room or €120/month for a bigger room.

Despite being quite remote, Bormida has four restaurants, a library, post office, corner shop, B&B, a pharmacy and a doctor that comes three times a week.

His plan still needs to get the final tick of approval from the local board but if so…we’re there!