War photographer captures the last moments of her life on camera

Heartbreaking. Unbelievable. Incredible.

It’s hard to know exactly what to feel when looking at these images.

On the one hand, it’s obviously profoundly saddening knowing that these are the last moments of a brave, 22-year-old’s life – as well as the lives of three others.

But it’s also hard to ignore that these images are nothing short of incredible.

Hilda Clayton was a US Army Specialist who was assigned to Qaraghahi, Afghanistan. In 2013 however, a bomb accidentally exploded during a live-training exercise – killing three Afghan soldiers and Ms Clayton.

Miraculously, she somehow managed to capture the exact moment the bombs exploded.

The moment the bomb went off. (Army University Press)

Her family has just this week granted the Army University Press to publish these photographs in her honour. She’s also been given the distinction of having an annual award in the US army named after her for best combat camera work.

“Not only did Clayton help document activities aimed at shaping and strengthening the partnership, but she also shared in the risk by participating in the effort,” the AUP said.

RIP, all four of you heroes.

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