This knitting machine can print out a sweater with a click of a button

It’s called Kniterate and it was created to empower start-up fashion designers to make their own clothes in a revolutionary and affordable way.

Founded by Spanish design student Gerard Rubio, Kniterate is all about harnessing the resurgence of knitting in the minds of trendy young people everywhere. Essentially, it’s a knitting machine on steroids that automatically turns your digital designs into clothes.

According to the Kniterate Kickstarter page, the machine eliminates the time-consuming and painstaking tasks that make using traditional knitting machines a slow process. With Kniterate, you just upload your design, press the button, and you’re ready to go!



Not only is this great news for budding fashion designers and overworked grannies, but an added bonus is the impact that Kniterate could have on the planet. Because the machine makes it possible to run-off individual garments made to personal specifications at a low price and professional quality, designers will be able to supply competitively to their community.

This means that Kniterate could be the first step in a move towards locally produced fashion and a decrease in overseas shipping!

Shoes made by Kniterate

A pair of shoes

Whether or not you’re a fan of knitwear, this is exciting stuff. Don’t forget that the early computers were the size of double decker buses and just splurged out a bunch of 1s and 0s.

With that in mind, it’s pretty likely that in a few years we’ll be carrying around the Kniterate v10, a machine the size of your wallet that prints out silk ball gowns in thirty seconds. #DreamBig.

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