Featured Image for Harvard Review assembles 200 poets to pay tribute to Obama

Harvard Review assembles 200 poets to pay tribute to Obama

Harvard Review has reunited more than 200 poets to pay homage to ex-president Barack Obama with Renga for Obama, a celebratory collection curated and edited by lauded contemporary writer Major Jackson.

Despite being at the center of a current FBI investigation for collusion with Russia, and having the lowest approval ratings in modern history at the 100 day mark, Trump has repeatedly tried to smear the image of his predecessor.

Trump has gone public with bogus allegations, going as far as claiming that Obama wiretapped him during the election -allegation that both the FBI and the NSA have deemed as false– and blaming the former president for the release of 122 prisoners from GItmo, detainees that were in reality released during the Bush administration,

Despite Trump’s attempts to put the previous presidency under a negative light, a panel of Historians inquired by C-SPAN this past February ranked Obama as the 12th best US president of all time.

Recognizing an administration that got the US out of the great depression of 2008, Harvard Review has decided to publish this collection of collaborative poetry.

Renga for Obama

The editors state on their official website, “We are embarking on a literary project of historic proportions, one that expresses the profound sense of gratitude we have for a modern political leader who is measured, thoughtful, humane, and literary-minded.

“While some of us have not agreed with every decision he has made over the past eight years, the exemplary way in which he has carried out his duty represents the very best of who we are—a nation bonded by a high regard for freedom and the arts as a carrier of our most treasured values.

“As one poet wrote, ‘I am so grateful for this opportunity to honor the best president to have served during my lifetime.'”

Renga for Obama

A renga is a style of Japanese poetry that consists of at least two stanzas. -a stanza being each grouped set of lines in a poem-. “Renga for Obama” was conceived based on the traditional Japanese creative process; poets would work in pairs composing a tan-renga or short renga of two stanzas.

The idea is that from January the 21st, each pair of poets will add a new tan-renga (or pair of stanzas) every day for a hundred days.

Renga for Obama

If you want to read more, you can head to the project’s official site and read the entire chain of poems for free.

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