Young Aussie arrested in America for overstaying his visa by just 90 minutes

In nightmare travel story news now…

A young Canberran has been caught up in a hellish scenario over in Donald Trump’s America.

Baxter Reid and his American girlfriend Heather Kancso were making a quick trip over to Canada because US law requires you can’t stay in the country for more than six months on a B1.

They were cutting it pretty fine but got to the Canadian border at 10pm. This is where things started to unravel.

Canadian authorities kept them until 1:30am, Reid’s dad told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“For some reason the Canadians kept them until 1:30am and then they refused them entry,” he said.

“They returned them to the United States and by then they were an hour and a half over the visa, and [he] got locked up.”

The Canadians were probably worried that the Yanks wouldn’t let him back in, essentially making him their problem – according to his girlfriend.

When he was returned to the US, immigration authorities arrested him for overstaying his visa by just 90 minutes.

He could now face six months in jail before he can face a court.

Rules are rules, but it seems like this is a massive overreaction on the part of the American authorities – but perhaps not surprising given their overzealous response to Trump’s Muslim immigration ban.

The crushingly unfortunate incident is a reminder to all travellers to leave PLENTY OF TIME with any visa issues – the US don’t mess around.

If you want you can donate to Baxter’s Go Fund Me page to help with legal costs.