This 15 year old Aussie singer just broke the Internet with a mind melting David Bowie cover

The future is looking bright for Australian music.

Aussie musicians are killing it overseas – Flume, Tame Impala, Sia and Courtney Barnett are bonafide stars in the States, and it looks like the next generation is jam-packed full of talent as well.

Last night on The Voice – Australia, 15-year-old Lucy Sugerman made a couple of very brave decisions.

The first one was to simply enter the competition and sing in front of hundreds and thousands of judgmental Australians.

The second one was to take on a cover of the late, great David Bowie. Lucy reworked the Bowie classic into a stripped down acoustic version that instantly made her a viral star.

Her smoky voice is developed far beyond her years, and her control and variation is nothing short of breathtaking.

Add that onto the incredibly impressive and creative reworking of the song and you’ve got yourself 90 seconds of top-shelf musicianship.


Seal, Boy George and Kelly Rowland all turned, while Delta just did that thing where she sways maniacally dances in her seat but never actually presses the button.

Oh well, her loss.