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This video shows the (absolute) stupidity of prejudice

It’s 2017, but some people have apparently not gotten the memo to drop their prejudices. Taiwanese woman Jennifer wed her long-time girlfriend Sam recently. However, it wasn’t her father who walked her down the aisle – as tradition would suggest.

Unfortunately, her father didn’t support her same-sex marriage and abstained from doing so as a protest. As she says in the video, “my parents have stopped communicating with me and will not come to my wedding”.

Instead role went to the CEO of HSBC – her employer.

The following video, put together by HSBC, shows Jennifer talking about the prejudice she has faced and how she has dealt with this throughout her life. She also talks about the support she receives from her workplace – and of course her boss.

So far, the video has more than one million views, a number which is sure to rise.

If only more corporations encouraged and supported their employees in such a way. Would your boss do the same for you?