These smart headphones help you reach deeper level of concentration

These headphones have been designed to basically ‘get you in the zone’ to be productive at work and school. Take our money already!

We all understand the challenge of staying focused on our priorities at work in the busy, distraction-filled life we lead.

Luckily, audio company Onkyo have launched a Kickstarter project to create headphones called which are designed with noise-cancelling technology to place help you enter a productive state of mind.

The headphone, which are called Mindset, track your brain function throughout the day and send you alerts which realign your focus. The headphones include electroencephalography (EEG) sensors which makes measuring your concentration in real time possible.

The aim is to classically condition yourself, so that over time distractions aren’t as prevalent.

The technology that is in the headphones has been used to improve the performance of Olympic athletes, train NASA astronauts, and even treat ADHD. And it’s now at our fingertips.

It may be a slightly creepy point, but the more you use Mindset, the more it becomes attuned to your own personal concentration rhythms.

Still, as long as it helps us pass our exams, we’ll take it!

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