In this restaurant in Kyoto, you can buy minerals for lunch

Usagi No Nedoko is an art project that combines an online shop, a hostel, and a cafe – all of which are designed around the concept of “telling the beauty of nature.”

On their online store, Usagi No Nedoko offers decorative sculptures that evoke the resplendence of minerals, plants, and microscopic life forms. Their work consists of transparent acrylic cubes that hold eye-catching structures carved in laser or actual fragments of rare rocks.

Their inn, meanwhile, can host a group of up to five people at a time and is built in the architectural style of the classic Showa period from the 1920s.

But the real cherry on the cake is their cafe. Designed to feel like a museum, it showcases the company’s creations everywhere, plus they offer a continuously rotating seasonal menu inspired by the very building blocks of their art: rocks, minerals, and plants.

The meals here include Amethyst pannacotta, pork stone, and black dried curry, which is the house specialty and looks like a friggin meteorite. Their dishes are so weird and beautiful they’re almost too pretty to eat.

“Museum-like atmosphere surrounded by a various natural structure such as minerals, plants and bones specimen awaits you as you enjoy the food and drinks which are cooked to show the food ingredients’ natural beautiful color, shape and taste,” the owners said.

The Usagi No Nedoko cafe opens every day from 11:30 AM to 8:00 PM, and is located 15 minutes on foot from Saiin station (Hankyu Railway Kyoto Line).