This grandma looks exactly like Scarlett Johansson. And Johansson agrees

If you squint hard enough and wipe just the right amount of Vaseline on your high-prescription glasses, we’ve all got a friend who just kinda, maybe looks like someone.

But no lookalike looks this alike. This grandma looks exactly like Scarlett Johansson.

Like most things that happen on the internet these days, it started on Reddit. Redditer ‘Denver’ opened a thread to say that his 72-year-old gran looked just like Scar-Jo when she was younger.

‘Yeah, right’, said everyone – until he uploaded the following picture, and was totally right.

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The image went viral, chalking up more than 1m views – including one particularly important one.

Johansson herself, bombarded by comments from friends and fans, weighed in through a YouTube video which is pushing 1m views.

She said she was pretty sceptical about the whole thing – because, you know, the internet – but when she saw it she was blown away.

“Holy crap!”

She then invited Geraldine for a drink at the premiere of her new film Rough Night, saying they could compare drunk faces – at Johansson’s expense, of course.