These edible water balls are the thirst-quenchers of the future

Get ready to ditch your plastic water bottles once and for all, because edible water bottles have arrived.

Yes, you read that correctly: edible water bottles. Thanks to a company called Ooho, you’ll soon be able to quench your thirst by eating a little clear ball-shaped dose of water, about the size of a small doughnut.

The outer skin that holds the ball together is made from seaweed extracts, and it’s fully biodegradable (and edible). So instead of bringing a bottle of water in your bag, you can now throw in a few of these balls of water to drink throughout your day.

So how does it work? Do you pop a straw in and suck the water out? Freeze it and eat it whole when it gets slushy? Eat the skin, or throw it away?

Really, it’s up to you. You could eat the whole thing in a single bite, or throw the skin away. And remember, you don’t have to find a recycling bin if you want to discard the skin, because unlike plastic bottles, these things won’t pollute the environment. So go ahead and throw that skin into the bushes.

Although this is a pretty interesting idea, it might not replace bottled water entirely. For one thing, each ball only has a gulp of water. So if you’re going out on a hot day, you might want to bring a few of these things.

But one thing Ooho definitely has going for it: it looks like fun. Everybody’s going to want to try these. But if you can’t get your hands on one just yet, maybe try making one at home for yourself: