These air-free bike tires will make punctures a thing of the past

Bridgestone has announced they’ve come up with a bicycle tire that will save cyclists from changing a flat ever again.

The air-free concept uses a unique structure of flexible spokes found along the inner side of the wheel. The spokes were made from thermoplastic resin, which flexes when heated and hardens when cooled, allowing the tire to support the rider’s weight without air.

The Tokyo-based tire company patented the idea in 2011. Back then, they released a similar design for cars with the hopes of reducing CO2 emissions, as well as lessening the need to change flats by the side of a busy highway.

Not much else is known about the air-free concept. How does it perform on potholes? How about in rough mountain terrain? And most importantly, how much will it cost?

Bridgestone plans to roll out (no pun intended) the tires by 2019 in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.