“Holy ****, there’s a shark under those surfers”

Sharks, they’re lurking beneath you – even when you think you’re safe.

Incredible drone footage has captured the bone-chilling moment a shark came within metres of a trio of Australian surfers.

David Finlay was taking his drone out for a whirl at Surf Beach in Kiama after the beach was closed because of a shark sighting.

A few surfers ignored the warning and headed out into the waves, a decision that David quickly discovered, was ill-advised.

While playing around with the image recognition technology, he noticed there was a grey nurse shark right there underneath them. His camera captured the exact moment the penny dropped.

“Holy – there’s a shark out there,” he told someone on the beach.

“There’s a shark right under the surfers. You got a mobile phone?”

David tried to signal for help, but wasn’t able to find anyone…because, well, the beach was closed BECAUSE THERE WAS A SHARK SIGHTING.

“I could see it with my own eyes, circling the area,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“That was the first thing I thought about was, ‘how can I let these guys know?’

“I ran down the beach and tried to find a lifeguard, but of course if was after lifeguard hours.

“I let some of the surfers know who were coming out of the water. But I was reassured by the time I got down there. I’d monitored the shark the whole time I’d been running, and it continued to move away from the surfers.”

So in summary, don’t go out surfing when the authorities have told you that there are sharks there.

Why? Because there are sharks there.