An impromptu Kenny G performance is the best in-flight entertainment ever

On a Delta flight from Tampa Bay to LA on Saturday, passengers got something better (or worse, depending on how you feel about smooth jazz) than movie re-runs. They got Kenny G.

In the following footage, the musician can be seen doing an impromptu sax performance, serenading his fellow passengers as he walks up the aisle.

Apparently, the flight crew announced that a woman was raising money for Relay for Life in honour of her daughter who died from cancer. Kenny G offered to help by promising a performance if they reached their fundraising goal.

“Within roughly five minutes, we all raised close to $2,000,” passenger Frank Wyszynski told Storyful. “He performed and it was just an amazing moment. So awesome of him to do that so randomly, and for such a great cause.”

We’re not the biggest fans of easy listening, but man, this sure beats getting dragged off a plane.

Via Mashable

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