A baby hippo enjoying a shower is the most precious thing

We wish we could enjoy – nay, savour – cold showers as much as this adorable baby hippo named Fiona.

Last January at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, Fiona was born six weeks premature. Her keepers thought she wouldn’t make it, but the baby hippo wouldn’t go down easily.

After months of intensive care, Fiona got better and better. Now, she’s settled into a routine composed of a morning walk, a weigh-in, a healthy breakfast, and her favourite part, a blissful shower.

The following video shows the hippo stepping into her shower and basking in its glory. Fiona even points her head up to feel the droplets on her face, then moves forward to clean every part of her cuddly little body. She loves it so much, she falls asleep while the water is still running!

Let’s just hope the other animals don’t mind her taking too long to finish using the bathroom.