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Two New Zealand women just found out they’ve been sharing a cat for a year

Simba the cat is a very cheeky bugger.

He would disappear from Shirley Bishop’s place for a few days, where she thought he was just tapping into his primal cat instincts and going out for a hunt.

But Simba was going to Mychaela Groombridge’s place – now going by the name ‘Crazy Horse’.

“He just started hanging around and we were wondering where he came from,” Groombridge told Stuff NZ.

She and her partner tried to find the owner on Facebook, but to no avail.

“So we started feeding him,” she said.

“He would just race around the house, like just take off,” she said.

“That’s how we come up with the name Crazy Horse because he’d just race around the house like a lunatic.”

“And, he just made himself at home. Just jumped up on the couch, curled up and pretty much moved in.”

But one time, Crazy Horse (aka Simba) checked into Groombridge’s house with a big cut on his shoulder.

They took him to the vet who stitched him up, and that’s when his double life started to unravel.

When he eventually got back to Bishop’s place a week later, she saw he’d been stitched up and knew something was up.

She went to the vet who told her the street name that Groombridge lived on (they couldn’t give her any more details because of privacy laws), and then Bishop started a social media campaign to find the ‘other woman’.

Groombridge eventually saw the Facebook post, and got in contact with Simba’s original owner.

“Shirley used to work upstairs in the office. She phoned me this morning and I told her what happened, where he’d been and he was at our house.”

They agreed to share custody of Simba/Crazy Horse, nawwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

“It’s fine. I’m sure he’ll answer to both. Just to know he’s safe and he’s loved. Then we’ll share him. That’s fine.

“It’s turned out to be a happy ending.”

(Image: Simon O’Connor/Fairfax NZ)

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