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This cheeky website lets you keep tabs on Trump’s weekend whereabouts

When Donald Trump won the election, no-one really thought that he was going to give up the lavish, gold-plated lifestyle. But no-one thought he’d go full Mike Tyson – and expect the public to pay for it.

A new website allows you to keep tabs on The Orange One, particularly to see what he’s up to on the weekends.

The website is called ‘Is Trump at Mar-a-Lago?‘, and it pretty much does what it says on the packet.

The site lets you check on Trump’s location, along with giving you a real time rundown of how much he’s spent on his Florida vacations – with a breakdown of how many Meals on Wheels (a program Trump’s set to cut) or school lunches (another program set for the scrapheap) the pile of dosh could buy you.

Trump has called Mar-a-Lago the ‘Winter White House’, assuring supporters he is hard at work. But leaked images have shown the leader of the free world to be ‘hard at golf’ more than anything else.

Each trip to Mar-a-Lago costs an estimated $US3.5million ($AU4.8million), meaning Trump has chalked up an estimated total of $US25million ($AU33million) since taking over three months ago – just on weekend trips to Florida.

Forbes has crunched the numbers, showing that on average Trump is spending per month as much as former President Barack Obama spent in one year.

That’s not to mention the millions that have been shelled out to provide police protection to the First Lady and son Baron who made the unprecedented decision not to move into the White House.

Trump’s spending habits have already drawn plenty of criticism, even from those within his own party.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Trump story without a bit of hypocrisy from the man formerly known as Barack Obama’s No.1 critic.

So far, there’s no indication Trump is going to honour centuries of Presidential tradition and, you know, live in the White House on weekends.

But at least you can keep up to date on his whereabouts right here.

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