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Why MacDonald’s burgers look the same after ten years

If you’ve been on the internet recently, or if you’ve just not cleaned our your lunchbox for a really long time, you’d have heard about the indestructible MacDonald’s burger phenomenon.

If you haven’t, it goes something like this. MacDonald’s burgers, if you leave them for long enough, well…

Nothing will happen. That’s right. A MacDonald’s burger that hasn’t been eaten will look pretty much exactly the same as when you bought it – even as long as ten years later.

But why? Is it because they’re so pumped full of preservatives that they’ll be there next to the rats and the cockroaches at the end of Donald Trump’s inevitable nuclear war?

Perhaps not.

A video put out this week by Business Insider shows that despite the burgers keeping their shape well into the future, it’s not because of salt, chemicals and magic (OK, maybe it’s a little to do with salt).

A series of scientific tests has proven it.

Unlike the other foods that you can think of that will be subject to rotting, MacDonald’s burgers tend to survive because of their lack of moisture. Moisture leads to bacteria growth and hence rotting, so a lack of moisture means a lack of rot.

MacDonald’s burgers, compared to others, do tend a little dry – otherwise you wouldn’t need that super-size soft drink to wash it down.

Similar tests with similar homemade burgers showed a pretty similar (lack of) degradation.

And it’s not just burgers. Chicken nuggets and fries seem to be similarly immortal.

The researchers note that it’s a similar phenomenon to beef jerky – although they’ve stopped short of telling you to preserve your cheeseburgers for those long horseback trips across the wild west.

MacDonald’s even references this on their website, although to be safe we’d tend to believe the scientists more than Maccas.

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