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You need to pay $44 first before following this pornstar on Snapchat

An adult star is asking money for every time you want to see her naked. No, this isn’t porn we’re talking about. It’s Snapchat.

32-year-old Allie Knox from Texas is a financial dominatrix, or ‘findom’ for short. She belongs to a subset of BDSM wherein fans get erotic feelings not from rope or leather, but from money – or from spending it, to be exact.

“I can say shit like, ‘Pay me so I can fucking sit by the pool this afternoon,’” she said. And they do, usually after getting pressured, humiliated, or belittled by Knox. It’s “the biggest way to feel dominated,” she added.

Knox, who graduated with a master’s degree in archaeology in 2013 but eventually found work in porn, charges insane amounts just for a bit of online interaction with her. A retweet costs $3, a year-long follow on Snapchat will set you back $44, and a Skype session has a price tag of $7 a minute.

“It’s a moneymaker,” she said of her Skype sessions, “especially if people don’t really know what they’re doing.”

When she’s on Skype with a client, she often turns the interaction into a game. Her clients, or ‘pay pigs’, will ask her to take off a piece of clothing, but before she does that, Knox will ask for a payment.

“It’s a lot of, ‘Alright, if you want to see this body part, you are gonna need to send one more [donation].’”

And even if she does take it off, she’ll put that shirt on again, then taunt the client: “If you want to see more you’re going to do it again.”

Her clients include the incredibly wealthy to the completely broke, who get a kick out of spending what little money they have left.

Knox’s business has her earning nearly $10,000 a month – $4,000 selling clips on Clips4Sale.com, $2,000 from web camming, and $2,000 on one-on-one Skype sessions, among other sources of fandom income. Thanks to her line of work, Knox has paid off more than $100K in student debt and now supports her disabled brother.

She also works a few days a week and gets to be her bitchy self – unlike in porn where she pretended to be a girl next door.

“I was dressing up in bikinis and shit and then I realized I don’t have to do this, so I just don’t,” she said, adding: “My findom stuff really is like my true self.”

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