Video proves that gibbons are just like us when it comes to rats

They say that apes are humanity’s closest living relatives. And judging by how two gibbons tried to shoo away a rat recently, we could see the resemblance.

The following video shows two lar gibbons from the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park in England getting an unwelcome visitor in the form of a rat.

The younger one, Penny, first spots the rodent and shakes in disgust. Penny is basically all of us. She tries to shoo the pesky vermin away but is unsuccessful, forcing her mum, Meo, to come and help out.

“Being based on a 40-acre ancient hillside with over 200 species of exotic animals there are rodents naturally present on site,” explained zoo manager Matt Lewis.

“We have a pest control programme in place but this rat obviously decided to try its luck…”

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