A beaver just herded 150 cows and we’re pretty confused too

As it turns out, beavers aren’t only good dam builders. They make great cattle ranchers too!

Recently, cattle rancher Adriennes Ivey from Canada’s Saskatchewan province witnessed a beaver herding 150 of her cows. The viral video she took shows the young heifers huddled together, curiously following the lead of the small rodent.

“When we first saw this we knew that people would get a great chuckle out of it because you cannot get more Canadian than that,” she told CKOM. “We talk about how awesome our Canadian beef is, but a beaver leading cattle around? It’s the most Canadian thing ever!”

But why would a beaver want to hang out with cows? And why would a herd of cows elect a beaver as its leader?

In an interview with Popular Science, biologist Con Slobodchikoff explained that the young beaver might have been looking for a new home near the pasture. Seeing the cows as non-threatening, it decided to enjoy their company.

“Once the beaver realized that the cows were not going to do any harm, it probably was comfortable having a whole herd of cows available to scare off any potential predators,” said Slobodchikoff.

As for the cows, they were just curious. In the footage, the leaders of the herd can be seen checking out the strange, tiny mammal. The rest, meanwhile, follow obediently behind – perhaps not even realising what the commotion at the front is all about.

It’s unknown if the beaver instructed the cattle to build his dam afterwards.

Via Popular Science

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