This wheelchair can help the disabled climb stairs all by themselves

Hold onto your hats everyone, it’s not going to be a bumpy ride! Technology is advancing so fast these days, it seems like just about everything is new and high tech.

However, four university students from Zurich realised that the electric wheelchair had been left behind, so they invented the Scewo!

It’s a wheelchair that’s self-balancing and allows its user to go up and down stairs independently and smoothly. Scewo comes equipped with rubber tracks which help offer safe and comfy movement on stairs, while it also has an extra wide base which stabilises it.


It’s basically changing the wheelchair game!

Scewo can be used in three different modes – each of which is specialised for a different terrain or use.

Safe mode is used for mounting the chair or standing still. Elevated mode enables the user to get level for an eye to eye conversation or reach to grab high up objects. Finally, track mode is for trickier to negotiate terrain.


The project is currently looking for funding via a Patreon campaign.

Welcome to the 21st century, wheelchairs.

Via Design Boom

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