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This corgi is so proud of the garden she made by pooping

Meet Meya. She’s an adorable little corgi who loves gardening. In fact, you could say she has a green thumb – or rather, a green bum!

Last October, the two-year-old pup decided to eat some of the decorations her mum, Alexandra Gleber, put out for Halloween.

“We had pumpkin for Halloween, and she devoured almost the entire thing,” Gleber told The Dodo. “I didn’t think she’d actually eat it. I was very nervous at first, but then I found out it was OK for dogs to eat them.”

Gleber thought that was the end of it. However, a few days later while she was cleaning after Meya, she noticed the dog had been digging in the garden – laying the groundwork for what’s to come.

“As I was picking up her poop, I decided to bury some,” said Gleber “There was a hole there already, so why pick it up, right?

Nature did the rest, and soon enough, the seeds in Meya’s poop grew into pumpkin plants!

A corgi and her garden

“I live in Southern California, and we’d been in a drought. But in January and February, it rained a ton, and then this pumpkin plant suddenly sprouted like crazy!” added Gleber.

“I can’t grow anything, but of course when Meya plants something, it grows like crazy. She gave it some good fertilizer, I guess!”

Meya is obviously proud of her gardening skills.

“She’s so short and stubby, it’s a like a jungle to her. It is nice to have some green back there,” Gleber said. “It’s even flowering now, so we’ll probably be having pumpkin pie in a couple months.”

We hope Meya gets a slice of that pie so it can be a full circle kind of thing.

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