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Heartwarming optical illusions inspire families to adopt a pet

Potential pet owners are always told to adopt rather than shop, but oftentimes the message doesn’t get through. It takes something really special for people to see the value of adopting rescued animals.

Enter photographer Amol Jadhav and art director/retoucher Pranav Bhide.

The two recently worked with Mumbai-based group World For All and advertising firm McCann Worldgroup India in creating a campaign that encourages families to make room in their homes for one more family member.

The campaign’s posters feature optical illusions made through clever lighting and framing techniques. At first glance, you’ll only see a small family. But look closer and you’ll see that in the negative space between them, there are silhouettes of a dog, a cat, and a bunny.

The caption reads: “There’s always room for more. Adopt.”

Thanks to the brilliant ads, the message got through to the public! The group’s adoption event saw a 150% increase in foot traffic and they were able to find new furever homes for 42 rescues.

Let’s hope they’ll top this creative effort in the years to come!

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