Computer makes dozens of NEW Pokemon, and they’re weirdly perfect

You can teach computers to do a whole lot of crazy shizz. And that list of things now includes randomly generating new and whacky Pokemon along with their moves.

These computers known as ‘neutral networks’ can learn to do a bunch of different things. So someone decided to teach one about Pokemon and soon discovered these networks are pretty damn good at Pokemon.

“I decided to train [a] neural network to randomly generate Pokemon names and abilities based on this list as a training set – and found that it was good at generating Pokemon,” says research scientist Janelle Shane.

“Annoyingly good at it – by the time it had gone through the training set 50 times, it was already fluently plagiarizing Pokemon word for word.”

Some of the Pokemon it has created include: Quincelax, Tortabool, Strangy, and last but not least, the Pokemon with absolutely zero abilities, Ronch.

To make these new batch of pocket monsters even better, artist Lauren Dawson illustrated some of them.

So, creativity is just another thing machines can do better than people. I’m scared.