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WTF! Thousands are watching a live stream of random people kissing a car for 50 hours to win it

The strange things people will do to win free stuff – and apparently, that includes kissing a car for 50 straight hours while being watched by thousands on Facebook Live.

The competition was held on Monday by Austin, Texas radio station 96.7 KISS FM. Called ‘Kiss A Kia’, the contest involved 20 contestants having to kiss a car for 50 hours until the last man standing. Every hour, they get a 10-minute break from the boredom and torture.

Those planning to drop out of the competition can use a ‘buyout’, wherein they’ll receive a different prize in lieu of a new car.

And if more than one person is left after 50 hours? The radio station will have a random draw. Man, what a horrible way to lose.

This isn’t the first time such a contest was held (in 2012, someone kissed a Chevrolet for 70 hours), but it may be the first ever to be streamed on Facebook Live.

A girl kissing a Kia

Understandably, a lot of the reactions were laughing emojis.

Via Mashable

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