WATCH: Driver tries to help old lady cross the street but um…leaves the handbrake on

To be honest, she probably would’ve been better off if he just stayed in his car.

Fact: Helping an old lady is a classic way to do a good deed.

Also a fact: Hitting an old lady with your car is frowned upon.

Put the two together and we find ourselves in a curious moral dilemma!

An elderly woman on crutches was trying to cross an intersection in Kuressaare, Estonia when a well-meaning man stopped his car and tried to help her.

But…turns out the dude kind of maybe a little bit left his handbrake on.

The car slowly moves towards the pair, as they’re completely unaware to their impending doom.

Luckily the man notices just as it’s about to smoosh them, slowing it down, but not enough to stop the old lady from being completely knocked over.

She’s a tough cookie though, and after a bit of help gets back on her way. The well-meaning goofball told the local paper she didn’t suffer any major injuries and he called an ambulance just to check she was all G.

Moral of the story: if you’re going to help someone, don’t run them over with your car.

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