Unbelievable scenes as loud love making noises halt pro tennis match

We’ve heard plenty of shrieking at tennis matches, but not like this. At a Challenger tennis tournament in Florida, players Mitchell Krueger and Frances Tiafoe were both distracted by loud noises.

It wasn’t a heckler in the crowd. Oh no, it was much more exciting than that.

At first the commentator assumed someone had decided to play some porn on their mobile in the crowd. As you do…

“I don’t know how to put this folks, but someone’s phone is going off in the stands.”

But then when the noises continued it became apparent that the love-making sounds might be the real deal.

“I can still hear it. It’s still going.”

According to the commentator the noise was in fact coming from an apartment building outside the stadium.

The love-making session lasted for a good few minutes and the screams of joy prompted a hilarious response from Tiafoe.

“It can’t be that good!”, he yelled to the laughter of the crowd.

The children in the stands looked bemused as their poor parents were left to try and explain the situation.

Frances Tiafoe later taking to twitter to reflect on the weirdest tennis match of his life.

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