Horrible guy matches with woman on Tinder JUST so he can fat shame her

Some people just shouldn’t be allowed on Tinder. There’s Tindo’s and Tindon’ts… and this is definitely a Tindon’t.

Some douchebag known only by his name ‘Connor’ matched a woman on Tinder with his only intention being to fat-shame her.

The victim’s friend Ashley Nicole took to Facebook to defend her, posting screenshots from the Tinder exchange to show the jerk’s putrid behaviour.

Tinder Screenshot

Tinder Screenshot


She also posted a huge message of support where she included this sentiment:

“I don’t think anyone for that matter deserves to be treated this way. Connor is a wonderful example of how mean, cruel and ignorant people can be. Why are there still people who act this way? I’m truly baffled and don’t understand.”

This is such an unfortunate thing to see. Men who treat women this poorly should definitely be denied the attention.

You go, girl! You’re better than this scum.

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