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Aussie artist makes the most charming fashion illustrations imaginable

Sydney-based artist Rebecca Wetzler creates fashion illustrations so whimsical that they’ve leapt out of their sketchbook and onto the streets of Aussie cities.

Wetzler has had her art published in magazines like Vogue Austraia, Oyster, Nylon, and Deanne Cheuk’s illustration project Neomu, as well as having worked with clients like Saatchi & Saatchi, GPY&R, Droga5, and MTV, among many others.

After 12 years as a fashion illustrator, Wetzler has also expanded to creating large-scale murals. Her style, which is defined by minimalist lines and bold splashes of watercolor, now graces both public and private spaces. One of her most recent works is a 15m mural in Perth.

We recently got the chance to do a short interview with Wetzler wherein we talked about her Perth mural, her style, and her creative process.

A fashion illustration from Rebecca Wetzler

Tell us how the mural project in Perth came about and what inspired your final artwork?

“It was for ‘The Corner Store’ in Perth. They were opening a new co-op called ‘the coop’, and that’s how the chickens got involved! Everything in their shops are bright, colourful, fun, and kinda weird so I wanted the mural to be like that.”

A fashion illustration from Rebecca Wetzler

Your work is imbued with a deep femininity. How would you describe your style, influences, and colour choices?

“Sometimes I’ll spend weeks thinking about a specific colour combination in the back of my mind and whether I like it or not. Usually, it’s something I’ve seen in nature, checking out paints in an art shop, or something from a new makeup or fashion trend, I find that the best way to express that is through feminine figures.”

A fashion illustration from Rebecca Wetzler

How dynamic, or otherwise, is the illustration scene in Australia?

“There’s lots of variety with the kind of jobs you do.”

What excites you about drawing fashion illustrations and how do you get in a creative mindset to start the day in the right space?

“Usually start the day sitting down at my desk with coffee and loud music to get in the right creative headspace.

“I like the challenge of thinking about how the illustrations going to work, if it’s for a client or just for me. Sometimes they work straight away, but sometimes it doesn’t go the way you want it to – so you have to spend a lot of time rethinking what’s in your head to try and make it work on the page.”

A fashion illustration from Rebecca Wetzler

To see more of Rebecca Wetzler’s art, head on over to her website.

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