This kid who tricked his teachers into singing Smash Mouth’s ‘All-Star’ is a modern day hero

A teen is now considered by everyone as an… all-star after he pulled off one of the best senior pranks ever.

18-year-old Ryan Storch is a high school senior who’s headed to Texas A&M this fall. However before leaving, he asked his principal and other school administrators to take part in a ‘stress test’.

Basically, it involved reading words off a telemprompter. But what the teachers didn’t know was that these words were lyrics from Smash Mouth’s ‘All-Star’. Ryan then spliced together the different clips to come up with the full song!

The video is now going viral with more than 200K views and even a tweet from the band themselves.

“Smash Mouth did tweet at me and the said #RyanRules! It just made a complete circle and made me so happy Smash Mouth saw it!” said Ryan.

And what did his principal and teachers think about it? They didn’t let him graduate. Just kidding.

“When I saw the superintendent at an event in Coppell and he literally came up to me and said, ‘Ryan that was the greatest thing I’ve ever seen!’ And he gave me a hug! I was like the superintendent loved a video where I pranked the principles of Coppell High School! You can do anything with your life!”

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