I guarantee this lady is having a worse day than you

It’s Tuesday, the day after Easter break – it’s rough as guts getting back to work.

But watching this video will put it alllll in perspective.

Getting your hand stuck in a toilet is bad enough, mostly because…well…your hand is stuck in a toilet. This is only the beginning though. You’re then faced with two options:

1. Live the rest of your life with your hands stuck in a toilet.


2. Tell a close friend or relative that your hand is stuck in a toilet and try to explain how the hell you found yourself in this predicament.

But say your acquaintance isn’t particularly well-versed in the art of removing hands from toilets, now you have to enquire for outside assistance.

You have to call the fire brigade.

Now an entire fire brigade squadron has been dispatched to your house, where you have to now explain to them how you got yourself into such a pickle.

And the only way to get yourself out of this situation is for firemen to remove the toilet from the ground, and then you must carry the toilet downstairs while still attached to your arm and into the backyard.

Then the fire brigade will make some “modifications” to the toilet on your hand, and finally, you’re free from the toilet’s grasp.

That is the situation that faced this poor lady, and it will never not be funny.

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