Burger King announce interactive Google ad campaign, get spectacularly trolled in response

The failed corporate forays into social media and new technologies continue, this time without a Boaty McBoatface in sight.

US fast food chain Burger King have decided to get all hip and tech in their new ad campaign, deciding to rope in Google Home – because, you know, that’s what all the kids are in to these days.

Telling customers that they didn’t have enough time to “explain all the fresh ingredients in the Whopper sandwich”, they asked Google Home to explain.

The problem? The definition use by Google comes from Wikipedia, which of course anyone can edit.

And edit they did.

The ad went to air, the Wiki trolls came out, and hilarity ensued – including adding ‘child meat’ to the burger.

I don’t know about you, but I hate when they drench my delicious 100 per cent medium sized child burger with preservatives.

Burger King decided to respond in the absolutely cleverest way possible – by re-editing the Wikipedia page to reflect the true ingredients of the Whopper.

“That’ll stop ‘em!” said someone who doesn’t understand how Wikipedia works and is probably unemployed now.

The trolls quickly got back to it, causing Burger King to pull the ad. Google has also reprogrammed its Google Home to not be triggered by the ad.