Featured Image for Artist imagines pop culture characters all bloody and bruised

Artist imagines pop culture characters all bloody and bruised

I’ll say that it’s impossible to never be influenced by your surrounding environment, but Liverpool artist Boneface absorbed his.

It’s apparent that the artist grew up around 1990s pop culture as his works feature iconic superheroes beaten up to utterly badass bikers and punk characters that look like they belong in an R-rated Marvel comic.

As opposed to his violent and dark imagery, Boneface uses extremely bright and vibrant colours, coming off as a humorous interplay with extremes.

Artwork by Boneface

Did I mention he illustrated the iconic duo, Daft Punk, with their robotic couture completely trashed and defaced? This work also featured in the Gauntlet Gallery in San Francisco.

Artwork by Boneface

The artist’s talents expand beyond illustration, after animating a video for Queens of the Stone Age song “…Like Clockwork.” The work lies within a post-apocalyptic dystopia, full of grotesque textures and gore, and his inextricable flair with bright colours.


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