We sent an adventure sports photographer to Tasmania to capture the raw beauty (literally) all around

We’re in awe of the photography work of Krystle Wright, who traverses the globe taking stunning landscape shots that capture the unique rugged beauty of the environment laid bare before her.

Little wonder Outside Magazine described her as being “the badass woman owning adventure photography.” Nice!

We sent Krystle to Tasmania recently, in partnership with our friends at KAYAK, to document a few days in the wilderness. And she had quite the adventure, as this video journal will attest to.

As for shooting in Tasmania, Wright says it was a breathtaking experience: “I use to joke that Tasmania is like a mini New Zealand, but Tasmania is incredibly unique and incomparable to anywhere else I’ve been in my globetrotting.

“Through its southern isolation, Tasmania constantly deals with bizarre yet spectacular weather patterns. For a relatively small state, the landscape is diverse and dramatic. It’s not too long before suddenly I am surrounded by pure wilderness and as a photographer, the possibilities are endless whether its landscape, wildlife, weather, adventure and much more.”


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