People share hilarious photos of epic pancake fails to celebrate Shrove Tuesday

Pancakes are pretty easy to cook, right? WRONG. Shrove Tuesday is the last day before Lent for Christians and is often known as Pancake Day!

This year, in celebration of the day, droves of people took to social media to post pictures of their pancake-making experiences and in many cases, fails!

Pancakes are already pretty great but add in some fails and I’m pretty ready to add some maple syrup and dig in!

Some attempts at everyone’s favourite breakfast delicacy ended up burnt to an absolute crisp, others were left with odd patterns while some just didn’t even resemble a pancake even remotely.

We’re no MasterChefs, in fact, our signature dish is spaghetti bolognese, but we reckon even we could do better than some of these horrific excuses for pancakes!

I mean, is cooking a pancake that difficult, or are these people just not very good at performing simple tasks in the kitchen??

Via Daily Mail