Baths is back with a new album, releases new track Actually Smiling

Where do I start with the mercurial Baths. L.A. artist Will Wiesenfeld conceptualised the project ‘Baths’ in 2010, it was also that point in time were the young music-maker sparked my initial interest in producing.

Baths, to me, has an affinity with chaos and the unknown. His debut album Cerulean (2010) captured my attention with his harrowingly beautiful melodies and constantly tripping beats. His haunting falsetto voice whispers in your ears, sometimes playfully, sometimes emotionally retching.

When I listen to Baths, I hear his mental conversation between life, death, and love for where there is beauty, I find there is an emptiness, and where there is darkness, there is an undeniable radiance.

While he follows pop sensibilities, there is no doubt that Baths brings something authentic and tactile to the table; something darker and realistic.

To me, Baths remains the biggest influence to me and my approach to music.

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