Japan’s new tourism videos are about a really handsome monkey

The Japanese are masters of the weird and wonderful. So when one of their cities looks to create its tourism campaign, it seems only logical to centre it around a monkey… right?! Right??

That’s what the marketing department for Oita City thought as they made a multi-part video series called Saru Tabi (or Monkey Journey). It’s a tale of ape romance and, of course, stars ridiculously good-looking monkey actor Kikuchiyo (don’t ask).

The first episode involves the five-year-old macaque leaving his mundane life in search of his love, Charlotte, in Mt. Takasaki in Oita City.

The second episode, meanwhile, shows Kikuchiyo wearing a tuxedo and carrying flowers for Charlotte. Things don’t go as planned, however, as our hero sees a photo of Charlotte in the arms of another monkey. The episode ends with Kikuchiyo drowning his sorrows with a glass of whisky.

You have to see it to believe it.

Episode three isn’t out yet, so while we’re waiting, here’s the highly-entertaining behind the scenes video.

Directed by award-winning director Kou Etou, the ads are expected to bring in more tourists to the region. Would Kikuchiyo’s heartbreaking love story get you to visit Oita City?

Via Japan Trends