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Guys, you are not allowed to approach women at this bar in Canberra

There’s a bar in Canberra where men can’t approach women. However, women can approach men, but if that’s the case, the house rules state that the lucky fellow has to treat the lady as if “she was his mother.”

The Maple Bar is set up at the recently revamped second floor of the Treehouse. The big, golden chandelier and dark furnishings give a hint that, unlike the non-regulated Treehouse, the locale is aimed for an older, suit-wearing crowd.

In fact, among the Maple bar’s controversial house rules, there’s a strict dress code that dictates for men to wear a smart shirt, jacket and tie, and for women to wear an elegant dress and heels.

Owners Sophia Kadinski and her husband Mike have received backlash on social media, with people labeling the initiative as ludicrous and even sexist, but they’ve stood by their policy stating their intention is just to “bring a bit of class back to Canberra.”

Mrs Kadinski told news.com.au, “Canberra has a really big history of violence against women in clubs,” adding, “Guys have liquid courage at 2am in the morning and they can be totally disgusting, and I know women can be too. I have been assaulted in Treehouse and my husband owns the bar. We just wanted to create a low-pressure environment.”

The Maple Bar owner

Speaking about their dress code, Mr Kadinski told The Daily Mail: “So many ladies go out there and put so much time and effort into getting dressed up, and then you get a guy who thinks it’s okay to put a t-shirt on with a pair of thongs.”

Recently, more bars have adopted measures to help women feel safer and more comfortable. Usually, nightclubs hang a to-do list in women’s restrooms for those that might run into trouble. But few bars have taken such strict rules as banning pick up altogether.

At the Maple Bar, staff and bouncers are entitled to step in any situation they may seem irregular to enforce their policies.

Their rules state, “Gentlemen, don’t approach ladies, and if you are so lucky to have one approach you, treat her as you would your mother. No hooting, no hollering. Be polite and approachable, but let the lady advance to you if she chooses.”

Maple Bar bartenders

I’m not actually sure what all that “treat her as you would your mother” means. Does that mean one should only kiss the lady on the forehead? Are they implying men are only capable of treating their moms politely? From a man’s point of view, I’d really not like a woman to treat me as her dad. Ew!

If you want to check this experience out, you can find the Maple Bar at the Sydney Building, 32 Northbourne Avenue. They’re open Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.