These black watercolor paintings are incredibly soothing to look at

Art has the power to make us feel a range of emotions. But when looking at this series by Indonesia-based watercolour artist Elicia Edijanto, it’s difficult to feel anything other than calmness and tranquility.

Her works depict scenes which look straight out of an African safari and are framed in a way which brings your mind at ease. Each one features dark hazy colours and silhouetted creatures, oddly creating a sense of intrigue and calm.

Edijanto says she often utilises images of children to manufacture a sense of honesty.

“My subject are often children and animal because they are honest, sincere, unprejudiced and unpretentious,” the artist said.

“They give me so much inspiration for [a] particular mood or atmosphere, such as tranquility, solemnity, and also wilderness and freedom, which I put on my paintings.”

You can view more of Edijanto’s calming works on her Instagram.