Australian musician Mookhi talks about his fellow artist Photay

In a time when the music scene is saturated with ‘bedroom producers’, the standard soars and the need to push boundaries, blur genres and contest with the ‘ideal’ sound becomes a necessity.

We live in an exciting time when musical conventions aren’t there to be followed, but to be subverted. I’ve had my ears pinned to Photay since his debut self-titled album ‘Photay’ (2012). His style and production prowess really stood out to me. It holds a prolific union between acoustic sounds, found samples, and electronic elements.

After a few years and releases, it’s apparent that Photay has grown, finessed and evolved his own style. His EP ‘Sadie’ (2016) reflects this, with his unbridled playfulness and a vibrant imagination.

He teases us with the unexpected, stretching samples to their physical limits, recontextualising familiar sound environments into otherworldly domains, and playing with nostalgia within a futuristic feel.

Photay is definitely a sound to watch.

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