Vintage advertisements for the first ever strip show held in Japan in the 1940s

This year marks the 70th anniversary of Japan’s first strip show. The art of burlesque made its Japanese debut in 1947, however it wasn’t the same then as it is now.

Basically, women weren’t even allowed to work in the land of the rising sun in the ’40s, which was the first hiccup.

Poster from first ever strip show in Japan.

Additionally, the show, which was held at Shinjuku’s Teitoza theatre, featured women copying the pose of famous nudes in art history.

Poster from first ever strip show in Japan.

These strip shows were held in between comedy and literary performances as part of a larger show.

The 70th anniversary was commemorated with an event at the Asakusa Tokoyan in Tokyo in March.

History is just fascinating!