Sushi doughnuts is the latest food craze breaking Instagram

Love sushi? Love doughnuts? Welcome to the future – a world where a fusion of the two exists.

The unlikely marriage of two food items far apart on the flavour spectrum is nothing new in the culinary world. Over the years, humanity has been blessed with some brilliant combos, but there’s never any guarantee a pairing will please everyone. So every now and then, we open our minds (and mouths) to a wild card.

And today, it’s sushi doughnuts.

Seemingly born out of the mind of someone looking for a cheap date, this dinner-cum-dessert exploded into the food scene via South Carolina, USA restaurant Oktopi.

The original recipe that caught the internet’s attention stemmed from the mind of sushi chef Will Bates, and had a ‘body’ composed of rice, avocado puree, and spicy crab, topped with the fish. You can wipe that drool off your chin now.

Of course, as you can imagine, people started whipping up their own sushi doughnuts. And the phenomenon has since swept through Instagram, with foodies from Vancouver to Sydney fawning over these delightful creations.

Surely, Dominique Ansel is sitting in a posh office somewhere, salty (no pun intended) over this new trend.

What do you think of this latest food craze? Is it just another visual spectacle soon to fade into Instagram obscurity faster than it rose to fame? How does it stand up to the infamous pizza cake?

Only time will tell if the sushi doughnut will be here to stay.

To learn more about Oktopi, visit them on Facebook.