This apartment block’s glass-bottomed rooftop pool is breathtakingly terrifying

I’m still so torn, is this amazing or petrifying?

Both? I think both.

The Sky Pool is an infinity pool that’s perched 42 floors high on the top of the Market Square Tower in Houston, Texas.

It juts out ten terrifying feet from the side of the building and the bottom is made of 8-inch thick plexiglass so when you’re casually going for a swim you get the sensation of FALLING TO YOUR DEATH.

So swimming in a pool, usually a pretty chiller activity, has now basically become an extreme sport.

Check out this footage, it’s scary even to just watch.

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And if you were wondering how much it costs to get access to this bonkers piece of engineering and architecture…well, a studio apartment will set you back $2400/month in rent, while the penthouse costs a meagre $25,000/month.

Chump change.