Photographer Krystle Wright reveals the beauty of Tasmania with these stunning pictures

Australian adventure photographer Krystle Wright has been to every corner of the globe. But if there’s one place she never gets tired of exploring, it’d have to be home.

Wright continually travels the world. Her entire life is packed in a suitcase and she rarely knows where her work will take her next. She’s gone free-diving in Vanuatu, BASE-jumping in the Arctic, and kayaking in Mongolia, among other spine-tingling activities. She’s also worked for clients such as Red Bull, National Geographic, and Outside Magazine.

The globe-trotting creative was even labeled by the aforementioned magazine as “the badass woman owning adventure photography.”

The badass woman owning adventure photography

But for her recent work, Wright re-discovered the spectacular beauty that Tasmania has to offer – from lush rainforests, to crystal-clear rivers, to awe-inspiring mountain ranges.

We talked to Wright to discover more about her travels around the beautiful island state.

Tasmania looks like a photographer’s paradise. Tell us about what make it such a photogenic State?

“I use to joke that Tasmania is like a mini New Zealand, but Tasmania is incredibly unique and incomparable to anywhere else I’ve been in my globetrotting.

“Through its southern isolation, Tasmania constantly deals with bizarre yet spectacular weather patterns. For a relatively small state, the landscape is diverse and dramatic. It’s not too long before suddenly I am surrounded by pure wilderness and as a photographer, the possibilities are endless whether its landscape, wildlife, weather, adventure and much more.

Krystle Wright In Tasmania
Krystle Wright in Tasmania
Krystle Wright in Tasmania

“From the Tasmanian Peninsula, where sheer basalt rock columns drop away into the southern sea, or the tranquil ancient Tarkine Rainforest where it holds so much history, it truly is a photographer’s paradise!”

How does the light in Tasmania compare with that in mainland Australia?

“With the unusual weather patterns, sometimes it can be four seasons in a day. However, that can bring on unique situations to experience incredible light. It’s hard to compare light to anywhere else as it’s always different, no matter where you go, as there are many factors that contribute.”

With the unusual weather patterns, sometimes it can be four seasons in a day

Tell us about how you approached the trip that Lost At E Minor and KAYAK sent you on: what were your goals and objectives and how did you realise them?

“I am in love with Australia, and I am always excited to take any opportunity to explore somewhere close to home. My intention was to keep an open mind and discover a new part of Tasmania that had always held my curiosity.

“The key lesson in adventure is that trips rarely ever go to plan, so it’s best to keep an open mind and go with the flow. I had set a loose plan of where to drive and the rest was improvisation, which allowed for micro adventures along the way.”

Some tips for photographers looking to capture beautiful travel photos in a State like Tasmania?

“I always suggest to other photographers that if they have the flexibility, time is essential. The more time you have, the more opportunity you have to explore but also allow for weather and light. Though with Tasmania just a short flight away, it’s easy to escape down south for the weekend.

Krystle Wright in Tasmania

“Where to begin? Well, that’s a tough question as I love going back to the Tasman Peninsula again and again as the dramatic coastline has me hooked. The drive to Cradle Mountain is stunning and the landscape in central Tasmania dramatically changes, so you could spend weeks there and still only scratch the surface. Get ready for an adventure and keep an open mind to exploring Tasmania.”

How did your use of KAYAK for this trip make things easier and more efficient for you?

“There are many layers that make a trip, such as booking airfares, hiring a car, booking accommodations. So it can become time-consuming when booking it all separately and through different companies.

Get ready for an adventure and keep an open mind to exploring Tasmania!

KAYAK is an incredible app that brings it all into one location and streamlines the whole process. In previous times, I would lose booking confirmation details so it’s great to just have KAYAK collect all the info and allow for an easy check-in when I needed details of the trip.”

What were the unexpected highlights of your trip? Any places that were particular favourites?

“There was this little spot called Corrina on the Gordon River that was absolutely sublime – an incredible spot tucked away on the west coast that fringes the Tarkine Rainforest. It was a beautiful haven that immediately captured me

“Another highlight was Liffey Falls, where it ended up being even more incredible in the pouring rain. The waterfalls were spilling over the basalt columns, creating a great photography experience. It was hard to leave.”

Krystle Wright in Tasmania

Where is the next dream destination on your radar? And how will you be planning that trip?

“The next dream destination for me is to head to the Land of the Rising Sun – Japan! I’ve long dreamed to return there during winter and discover more of Japan over a month long trip. As for planning, I’ll ask for advice from friends, research a little online, but ultimately once I book the essentials through KAYAK, I’m ready to let the rest flow and get ready for an adventure.

“I think it becomes a far more successful trip if it’s not meticulously planned. Sure it’s crucial to have flights, cars, and some accommodation organised. But it’s fun and exciting to have some mystery!”

To see more of Krystle Wright’s photography, head on over to her portfolio.

All photos by Krystle Wright
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